Chabrol and Godard in 1959, from a collection of photos by Raymond Cauchetier
at Peter Fetterman Gallery.

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Time Burton with Johnny Depp on the set of Ed Wood (1994)


          If the sun did not rise…
I would cover the city of night with lights
to gaze forever, star-drunk

—Nadia Anjuman, from “Girlish Heart" (translated by Diana Arterian and Marina Omar)

I thought you had many lovers. I mean when I saw you for the first time, at the Cinématheque, you and Theo, you looked so cool, so sophisticated. Like a movie star.

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Residential Building, Vienna

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Paris 1950s

Photo: Ed van Elsken

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wait a minute this isn’t my homework

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how did this happen

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Lauren Bacall on the set of The African Queen, 1951

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