Alphaville (1965)

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The tragedy of Macbeth

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when youre leaving class and the teacher gives a last minute assignment


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I rely on the warmth of your voice
to illuminate the dark. 

Carole Glasser Langille, from “When You’re Not Here and When You Are,” Late in a Slow Time (Mansfield Press, 2003)

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"What are you twelve"
Yeah on a scale of one to ten bye

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Loc/Loq: Latin root word for “speech, words”


Loquacious - very talkative

Colloquial - informal, common language

Eloquent - skillful with words

Interlocutor - speaker, conversationalist

Soliloquy - speaking of one’s thoughts

Circumlocution - roundabout expression

Elocution - effective public speaking

Grandiloquence - use of pompous language

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